A fan’s collection of essays by Adolph L. Reed, Jr.

No frills, no bullshit—just essays by Adolph Reed. If you’re here, you probably know who he is. If not, check Wikipedia.

The goal here is to collect his writing in a single place, in a way that facilitates reading it. The format should be consistent. The pages should load quickly and contain only content. And the layout should be somewhat responsive, i.e., it’ll look ok if opened on a mobile device. All this can be done easily, when there’s no financial motive.

If publications ask me to take things down, I will. Likewise, obviously, if Dr. Reed would rather this site not exist.

The list below is in descending chronological order. More items will be added over time. I’ve started with a broad assortment, and marked some of the most important pieces with a red (or, in dark mode, pink) florette. The source files can be accessed on GitHub. Last updated 2 Dec. 2019.


The Charter School Industry’s Dishonest Attack on Bernie Sanders” (19 June 2019, The Nation)

What Materialist Black Political History Actually Looks Like” (8 Jan. 2019, nonsite


Which Side Are You On?” (23 Dec. 2018, Common Dreams)

The Trouble with Uplift” (3 Sept. 2018, The Baffler)

Antiracism: A Neoliberal Alternative to a Left” (22 May 2018, Dialectical Anthropology)

Black Politics after 2016” (11 Feb. 2018, nonsite


The Case against Reparations” (11 Feb. 2016, nonsite)


From Jenner to Dolezal” (15 June 2015, Common Dreams)


Michelle Goldberg Goes to Washington” (4 Mar. 2014, Jacobin)

Nothing Left” (Mar. 2014, Harper’s


The Limits of Antiracism” (Sept. 2009, Left Business Observer)


“ ‘What Are the Drums Saying, Booker?’ ” (11 Apr. 1995, The Village Voice


Review of The Bell Curve” (28 Nov. 1994, The Nation)


The Underclass Myth” (1 Aug. 1991, The Progressive)


Black Particularity Reconsidered” (20 Mar. 1979, Telos